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I own and run Frockabilly which is a artisan store specialising in handmade cute & geeky hair bows. I also hand make Rockabilly inspired skirts and dresses, specialising in plus sizes.




Curiously obsessed with the 1950's, My Little Pony, Alice in Wonderland, American McGee's Alice, cats, baking and crafting, Studio Ghibli and being geeky.


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New York Trip

Ok, so after my rant on Friday I got alot of people asking me if I’m in NYC!
NO!! I wish :(

I am planning a trip there for my birthday in 2013.
Long way off!
But I have started researching places I want to visit already, cos I am THAT excited!!
I will be doing it on a major budget cos a) the flights and accomodation are ridiculous and b) my currency doesn’t hold a candle to the dollar :( I’ll be multiplying everything I buy by 10. SUCKS.

So far (besides the obvious ones like Empire State, Ground Zero and Liberty Island) I have:

• Otto’s Shrunken Head Tiki Bar
• Central Park specifically to see (and find) the Alice in Wonderland statue
• Bloomingdales (even though I won’t be able to buy anything, I at least have to go there!)
• Walmart/Target (yes, really. It’s like Mecca to me cos we have nothing like it here)
• Bushwick Country Club (Apparently they have an old school photo booth?)
• Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave at 16th St
• Snug Harbor’s Connie Gretz Secret Garden Maze
• The Slipper Room (167 Orchard St.)
• Coney Island
• Find the Wafel and Dinges truck
• Union Square
• Arby’s (except there isn’t one in Manhattan)

That’s all I have for now… Suggestions are most welcome!!!
  1. alohisha said: go to the rockafeller centre instead of the empire state building! eat at serendipity 3. the staten island ferry gives free rides back and forth from battery park.
  2. beretandpancake said: Lisa I am serious when I say that if you don’t let me know when you’re coming so that I can hang with you then I will be mad at everything for a while. Like, a whole week at least.
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