Cherry Lisa

Image and video hosting by TinyPic My hometown is Durban, South Africa. INSTAGRAM: cherryladylisa

I own and run Frockabilly which is a artisan store specialising in handmade cute & geeky hair bows. I also hand make Rockabilly inspired skirts and dresses, specialising in plus sizes.




Curiously obsessed with the 1950's, My Little Pony, Alice in Wonderland, American McGee's Alice, cats, baking and crafting, Studio Ghibli and being geeky.


Donut obsessed



Hmmm… I guess being raised Catholic and still standing by (most) of those morals makes it tough for me to understand someone who would want to support the opposing party. I wasn’t aware that I had made any blantant anti-Satanism comments though?

Everyone has a right to their own choices and I’ve never met a true Satanist who hasn’t been a decent person. Just like anyone who is true to their faith, they accept others and their respecting faiths. I’m just not going to jump on their bandwagon ever. But I wouldn’t jump on a Buddhist or Muslim bandwagon either. But that doesn’t make them bad people.

HOWEVER I do not like people who claim to be Satanists but then make up their own set of rules. Just like I hate Christians who do that. Infact, I hate Christians even more so, for doing that.
I also hate any one in any religion who is fanatical about what they stand for, and make a disturbance out of themselves.
Any radical religious following is bad.

An ex of mine is caught up in a Christian cult and it sickens me to the core that some people are so ignorant and blinded by what rubbish some humans feed them.
And some of the Satanic cults that exist are the worst. There are so often reports on the news here about murders and awful things (like putting cats in microwaves and hacking up human bodies to strew the parts across gardens and inside houses) that they always link to “Satanic cults.” So if that IS true Satanism then you can see why I would be against it.