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I own and run Frockabilly which is a artisan store specialising in handmade cute & geeky hair bows. I also hand make Rockabilly inspired skirts and dresses, specialising in plus sizes.




Curiously obsessed with the 1950's, My Little Pony, Alice in Wonderland, American McGee's Alice, cats, baking and crafting, Studio Ghibli and being geeky.


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Western Black Rhino Declared Extinct

Fuck me, I am so mad at this.

They kill rhinos for their horns because it’s said to cure just about everything, according to Asian traditional healers.

As an antidote to poisons. To cure devil possession and keep away all evil spirits and miasmas. For gelsemium and snake poisoning. To remove hallucinations and bewitching nightmares. Continuous administration lightens the body and makes one very robust. For typhoid, headache, and feverish colds. For carbuncles and boils full of pus. For intermittent fevers with delirium. To expel fear and anxiety, to calm the liver and clear the vision. It is a sedative to the viscera, a tonic, antipyretic. It dissolves phlegm. It is an antidote to the evil miasma of hill streams. For infantile convulsions and dysentery. Ashed and taken with water to treat violent vomiting, food poisoning, and overdosage of poisonous drugs. For arthritis, melancholia, loss of the voice. Ground up into a paste with water it is given for hematemesis [throat hemorrhage], epistaxis [nosebleeds], rectal bleeding, heavy smallpox, etc.

Fuck right off you pricks.

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