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Die Antwoord - Wat Kyk Jy (English Translation)

So I know alot of my followers are Die Antwoord fans.
And since I am so bored at work, I decided to translate my favourite song of theirs into English… Gives you a glimpse of how harsh their lyrics are! HAHA

Die Antwoord - Wat Kyk Jy (English Translation)

(Robotic voice)
Is it just me, or is everyone an idiot?
Is it just me? Is it just me?
Jesus, I’m looking for a fancy pussy
But my sack is as flat as a Barbie’s plastic pussy

What the fuck?
Fuck that cunt in the Corsa (car) next to us
Hey Ninja, cook a sneaker (heat up those tyres)
Lets go

Drive! Drive fast!
Glide! Glide! Glide! Glide!
Drive fast!
Glide! Pump music now!

What are you looking at? Fuck off!
What are you looking at?  Cunt!
What are you looking at?  Fuck you!
What are you looking at?  You fuck!

Ninja rolling in a BMW
Sipping vitamin Brandy and Coke
The brandy and coke hits you again
Fuck! Look at that slut in the PVC hot pants
Nice BPP “Binne Poes Pink”
(Her pussy will be nice and pink)
Just like this stainless steel rapper
with the huge fucking dick

Yo! Better listen to whatever she says
I’m down with the mother fucking wedding Dj’s
Pump up the volume! Take the seeds out the weed!
Make it messy! Let this party rock!
Fuck the shaking heads,  your rage is boss
I’m the richest bitch with the nicest ass
On the microphone yo! Motherfuck it! Sneaker
Yo Ninja, cook a fucking sneaker

Here asshole, we’re here! Woop woop!
Look, it’s that brother from another mother’s pussy
Jesus, how did I get so fancy?
All the other rappers are just like old panties
Ninja! Rock the fucking party
You look so beautiful with my dick in your mouth…
GROSS! Now try say my name
Man butter inside your mucous mouth

Get my paper, swing that weed
Two Savannah’s and my awesome self
Kick back the drinks, fuck it up
I make an empty bag
Cause I grabbed the microphone and fucked shit up
I’m Zef!
Baby, my whole crew is fresh!
If I don’t know you, get lost
You’re not on my level, please put the pedal to the metal

Jeez, this is just like the gynecologist’s office
A huge group of pussy…
No man, come let’s go to the Wat Kyk Jy party
Jeez, the queues at the Wat Kyk Jy party are longer than the ques at home affairs
No dude, the queues are longer there

That’s hard shit, gets you wonderfully fucked up
Just like your first joint
I’m rolling with the fucking Zef Master
on the microphone I’m like the evilest ruler
Mind control you many stupid people like Zuma (SA president)
What? Fuck you asshole!
Say what you like, but you can’t do fuck all!
Deal with it, you can’t fuck with my game
If you say I am gay I will buckle your frame

Yo, what the fuck are you saying?
I’m not wise with your street lingo
Show me the money, this is not a free freakshow
I taste divine, like CP30
But here I make the parties mad
There is nothing like a bit of pointless swagger
There is nothing like a bit of mindless sex
Don’t worry, everything will be alright!

Die fucking Antwoord!
Back to the fucking burning paper!
Ask for the flying dutchman, aka Neo SA
The fucking Matrix, SA style
You make a girl so horny…

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