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Image and video hosting by TinyPic My hometown is Durban, South Africa. INSTAGRAM: cherryladylisa

I own and run Frockabilly which is a artisan store specialising in handmade cute & geeky hair bows. I also hand make Rockabilly inspired skirts and dresses, specialising in plus sizes.




Curiously obsessed with the 1950's, My Little Pony, Alice in Wonderland, American McGee's Alice, cats, baking and crafting, Studio Ghibli and being geeky.


Donut obsessed



silenceismine said:
It’s so rough dealing with med side effects and trying to find the right one. :-( stay strong hun! I hope you feel much better as time goes on.<3

Thanks so much beautiful lady.
I’m just glad this part of my meds journey is over! I plan to be off medication for as long as possible.



Is it just me or do other chicks dig the look of a nice watch around a guy’s wrist? It’s kind of a turn-on when the boyfriend wears his watch. I’M FUCKING WEIRD. It’s sexy as hell, and I can’t explain why. 

It’s not just you :)
I also find it a turn on.
But guys hands and arms turn me on as it is, so adding an accessory only multiplies the sexy.
Provided it’s a decent watch, of course.

silenceismine replied to your photoBanff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Lovely! My boyfriend was there last year, climbing Mt. Temple! :-D

Sounds amazing! <3

right???? it’s tacky as all hell

Ermahgerd, it’s AWFUL.
And poor Emma has ALL styles going on there. YUCKKK. 


Obsessing over the aching need to see some place I’ve never been before. Fuck.

Does wanderlust ever seduce you?

So manyyy. Wish I had $$$

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel my own country, pretty much in it’s entirety.

However, yes, I am permanently wanderlust.

My list includes

• Canada (Toronto (again) and add Vancouver)
• San Diego
• LA
• Utah
• New York (which I can cross off my list next year. Woot)
• Any back end mountainous American state
• Mexico
• The Bahamas
• The Maldives
• Peru
• Bali
• Zanzibar
• Norway
• Denmark
• Germany
• Switzerland (again)
• Spain
• Italy
• Egypt
• Japan
• Hong Kong
• New Zealand
• Russia

I’m back from my awesome 3 week break.

Hating being back at work but missed you guys!

Thank you @athenaevenstar and @mkatsi for the Christmas cards!!

@mkatsi, @silenceismine and @beretandpancake, I hope my parcels arrived safe and sound and didn’t go astray?

I will be posting pics of my holiday soon, prepare for a bit of spam

Love you